Suricata provides wealth structuring, consultancy and management services to sophisticated private clients and institutions. We specialize in planning for cross border transactions, solutions for holding and managing non-financial assets and tailored structures for high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and international families. We work with select partners and trusted referrers.


Suricata’s management have extensive track record in creating and administering offshore and onshore investment structures for private and institutional clients. Our services encompass a variety of sectors including real estate, financial products and IP across multiple jurisdictions.

We specialise in the administration of complex illiquid assets such as operating companies, real estate portfolios, marine assets and financial instruments.

Family dynamics and requirements can be complex and challenging. Defining clear goals and developing an effective strategy can be key to the success of a client’s estate and succession plan.

Suricata has the expertise to deal with the challenges of large portfolios of varied assets that cross multiple jurisdictions. Often we help to design and implement a family constitution/governance process to define how assets and income are to be deployed.

For our clients, effective succession and legacy planning not only ensures the protection of their wealth but delivers them the peace of mind that their assets will be transferred to following generations in the way they intended.


Suricata can advise clients in optimising the tax efficiency of their structures, always in the context of legal, commercial and practical drivers. Our service encompasses a broad spectrum of international tax considerations, frequently involving numerous jurisdictions.

Our understanding of the tax legislation in numerous countries and how they interface with other tax-efficient jurisdictions enables us to offer clients creative and competitive tax solutions.

The continued relevance and success of a trust or corporate structure requires specialist input to ensure that the sum of the whole is greater than the parts. We start from the bottom up – we map a client’s current position and help establish their objectives for their wealth. Once we have fully researched this information, we can leverage our expertise to ensure that all parties are truly working together in the client’s best interests.

In addition to the implementation of new structures, Suricata’s specialists provide a governance and health-check service for existing structures to ensure they meet legal and compliance requirements and adhere to efficient taxation and best-practice corporate governance policies.

We are also able to access our global network to provide assistance in such areas as property financing, banking and investment management solutions.

Our core business is the establishment and operation of trust and corporate structures. Whether a private or institutional client, our experience, insights and commercial acumen enable us to put together the structure that meets the client’s requirements rather than adjusting the client’s needs to fit the structure.


Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. Our independence ensures we can design, implement and administer appropriate structures, unfettered by internal or external conflicts of interest. This flexibility also allows us to work alongside other “best in class” specialists to deliver holistic solutions.
We believe that transparency and mutual trust are the building blocks of successful long-term relationships.
Our team is comprised of high caliber professionals with extensive international experience. We are unrelenting in the pursuit of excellent service delivery.
Complex needs and requirements demand innovative and robust solutions. Our experience, commercial acumen and value-add approach enable us to create innovative solutions that meet our individual client’s needs.


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